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When you want peace of mind…

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Metropolis — the center of the dynamics and speed. All are in a hurry, like they are behind time, everybody wants somewhere to go. Roads are stretched with endless cars; underground trains do not have time to haul the crowd, like with the help of magic recruited on platforms. Nightlife boils at least as daily, maybe even more. Because all, bars, clubs and restaurants are working. Loud rock is heard from far away, and mixed with the clatter of trams. Big city — is a beehive, where is pleasant to be, because life is on-the-move. But sometimes, fatigue is increasingly beset the brain, residing in voltage due to noise, the soul strives to be alone with nature, and nourishes with vital energy. The body requires relaxation and temples began to pulsate with stimulation. And then, finally, you realize that you want peace of mind.

When summer comes, megacities are empty. People go to — to Turkey, Egypt, various European countries; someone in the U.S.A. And many people still love to go to Crimea, which is still so unique in its mass of mountains, bathed in sunshine are great. The bluest sea is smiling with the World truly Crimean smile, inviting to wash away tiredness. Pebbles on the shore are doing a nice massage to the feet. Therefore, the Crimea was, and remains one of the favorite places for tourists. However, in the bustling season here as well as in the metropolis. Thousands of foreigners come to Crimea to conquer the mountains and enjoy the scenery. One should come here for outdoor activities, but not for calm.
So what do you do if you still want passive recreation? When you do not need to run and hurry. And you can safely wander anywhere in nature, breath fresh air, to think about nothing. To this question is easy to answer: Crimea is one of the cities that are ready to give our guests what they are looking for, leaving the noise of the megalopolis.

In two hundred kilometers from Crimea is a small green town. It was nicknamed «Honey Town» and famous for its cherries. It is quiet and calm, and at night you can sleep and not hear the endless rumble of cars. Of course, there are cars, but there are less of them; because here is living for about 200,000 thousand people. Also, there are no trams and subways. The city, which can be called a temporary resort, named Melitopol.

In Melitopol you will find a long-expected peace of mind. And one can stay at the Leisure Centre of Melitopol — hotel «Atrium». Here all knows why guests from big cities come, and try to provide all opportunities to make a relaxation, like soul wants.

Rest, to which a stone’s throw

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As you know, Crimea is one of those hot spots, where tourists come from all over the world. Many people want to visit this warm and sunny place where mountains combine with the water surface and slender cypress effectively completing the landscape. Undoubtedly, the Crimea deserves great attention.

As the road to the Crimea is distant, especially if you are coming from the opposite side of the planet, so travelers have to choose the place for temporary stay. One of such places is Melitopol, located in 300 km. from the Crimea. Passing through Melitopol you can reach any part of the Crimea, spending on the road 5-8 hours, it depends on where exactly you want to go. It is a good reason to choose Melitopol as a temporary stay before a long journey, with its comfortable hotels with reasonable prices. Time spent in this small southern town you will remember for years. Because south-eastern corner of Ukraine is always glad to visitors, whom offers a wide range of entertainment.

Leisure Centre «Atrium» — is a hotel complex, where one can find all for an exciting holiday. Hot sauna, delicious cuisine and professional massage is waiting for you in the best hotel «Atrium». Amateurs of billiard can compete with excitement, while their car is securely protected on the free parking. And, of course, comfortable rooms will complete the process of relaxation!

When you have rested finally is going to the Crimea — where unforgettable holiday is waiting for you, to which a stone’s throw!

Greetings from the past life

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All of us are attracted to the past. There were a lot of ancient castles, settlements of wild tribes, strange discoveries. Past draws us its spirit of antiquity. There were our ancestors.

That is why people tend to visit as many ancient monuments as possible, to feel deeply the time, to sense its smell.

Melitopol is one of the towns surrounded by a large ancient mysteries in Zaporozhya region. And it is connected with the fact that Melitopol is the point of intersection of many historical events and highways. So, Simferopol- Zaporozhye route leads to the last saved building of the ancestors: a landed estate «Castle Popova». Built in 1864, it kept a relentless breath of the past century. A lot of people who visited it know that «Castle Popova» is just in 60 minutes away from Melitopol.  And those 60 minutes are worth to be overcome.

What is «The Castle Popova»? This is a building, performed in the Gothic and Romanesque styles. There is a mansion and a dash of Baroque. From many sources is known that during the October Revolution, the castle was destroyed, and castle lost its former appearance. However, the importance of this building for the history and culture is obvious.

Melitopol is crossed by many routes that are leading not only to the Black Sea, but also to the Sea of Azov, which is much calmer and warmer. People who intend to rest on the sea are choosing Melitopol as the temporary stop. So, before tourists reach the sea they have time to visit both «Castle Popova», and «Rocky Mound» — one more place of interest in this town. So, what is the best place to stay in Melitopol?

The choice of hotels in Melitopol is as wide as places of historical significance. One of such hotels is «Atrium», where in contrast to half ruined castles, with their cold and space, you can feel like home. And, of course you can find a lot of fun and fill with it your pastime.

So, the Past is closely linked with present times, ancient buildings alternate with the modern halls of hotels, and guests of Melitopol receive greetings from ancestors of past centuries.

Rest in Melitopol

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Sport in Melitopol.

Sport, as we know, is the driving force. A Melitopol is — driven by sports. Sporting events are always held there: car racing, motocross, freestyle wrestling tournaments, karate, boxing and sport games. Professional athletes are showing high level! Every year in spring, in Melitopol, is celebration of Sport Day, where you can see the great achievements of Melitopol athletes.
In Melitopol there is a Chess School, in which from a young age are trained draught and chess players. There are very few Chess schools in Ukraine of such level. In 1997, there started a World Draughts Championship, which was attended by guests from different countries.
Citizens of Melitopol  are sporty people!

Creative Melitopol.

Although Melitopol is small town, but there are many talented people: singers, artists, dancers, poets, writers. Regularly here are held creative evenings and concerts. Writers’ Club of the town becomes more crowded — young talented people entering the ranks of Russian and Ukrainian poets.
Melitopol is constantly evolving creative community.




International Melitopol.

If you want to see rich ethnic composition, then you have to visit Melitopol! More than 100 nationalities live here, about 21 national cultural societies are counted in this town. Melitopol is participating in the international program «Intercultural Town». Besides of Ukraine, this program is working in France, Britain, Canada, Poland and other countries.
Despite the fact that Melitopol is not big, the town is rich in cultural diversity.



Rest in  Melitopol.

Melitopol is resting differently. There is entertainment for almost everyone, so all tastes are taken into account. Fans of bowling can spend time on their hobby, marksman can practice archery, equestrian can enjoy horseback riding. The town has a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. Among hotels should be marked out a leisure center «Atrium» — this hotel was opened recently (in 2008), but has managed to appeal to citizens and visitors.
Rest in Melitopol is calm and unhurried, but if you look attentively, it becomes obvious: life is bustling here all day and night.

Ordinary Miracle

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or places in Melitopol and its surroundings, which deserve attention

On the way from other countries in Melitopol stop many of the guests. This is done with one purpose — to fill the reserve of strength after a long road. After this the rest of the way is more quick and easy. Melitopol is a kind of gateway to the Crimea, because of his passing by those who go to the Pearl of the South. Therefore, this town is often visited by tourists. Melitopol is very hospitable.

We all want to see many historic sites associated with the events of past centuries. In Melitopol there are a lot of them. Some of them are situated on boundaries of the city, in the Melitopol district, others — in the city. For example, traveling 20 minutes, you can find a stone tomb — the national reserve, where is still existing characters derived by arm of ancestors.


Driving almost the same distance in the other direction, you get to the springs. Springs are not just water, but a healing water. Here you can swim and rejuvenate, or simply to fresh up. After such bathe you would feel like a child — free and easy.

Much further from the city there is a landlord’s estate «Popov’s Castle» the only building of 19 th century, preserved in these places. The building reminds us the last century, and calls to visit its cool rooms. In the centre of the city there is Gorky Park, established in 1927. This is a green cozy place, where you can find many kinds of trees, as well as a very old oak tree whose branches cover the ground carefully. This wise tree remembers when our ancestors were children.

Pine Grove is located in the same park. It beckons with its lush pine trees, which recover the air around. Here you can see a lot of moms with kids; pigeons, almost accustomed to such crowds, and squirrels, deftly jumping from one tree to another. This picture gives only positive emotions of appeasement and happiness.

Melitopol is notable with the fact that it was one of three cities in the history of the USSR, which was electrified children’s railway. Now, in place of the former building of «station» — Grammar school, one of the best in the city.

All these places are definitely worth a visit. Guests from the nearest and far abroad select for their recreation Hotel Atrium . Having a fascinating and good time, they manage to travel around attractions named above.

Well, of course, when rested and historically informed you leave from Melitopol to the Crimea — you will see a lot of monuments. But that’s another story

Welcome to Melitopol

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Melitopol is a southern town. Summer here comes sometimes in the middle of spring. And it is no accidently. Melitopol is located quite close to the solar Crimea. Melitopol can be openly proud of its location, because tourists stop here before to get to the Crimea. About 6 railway stations separate Melitopol from Crimea.

Tourists often stay for a couple of days, but often spend much more time here. After all, in Melitopol you can see a lot of things! Rest here is with southern hospitality, and not far from the city there are a lot of historical places worth of visiting. In the city is granted a wide choice of entertainment, but sometimes it is a pleasure just to walk at a warm summer evening.

Stopping places for travelers are organized in Melitopol well. Hotel Atrium is one of those places where you can relax before you go to the Black Sea. By the way, in Melitopol are on a visit those who go to the Sea of Azov, which is much closer and warmer than the Black Sea. Vacationers love the «Atrium» for its homely atmosphere, which is in harmony with modern furniture, and delicious meals which are combined with entertainment for all tastes.

Melitopol always welcome to guests!

What tourists love in Melitopol?

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Visitors from different countries love the south-eastern town for its hospitality. Standing on the way to the Crimea, Melitopol accustomed to a large number of visitors, that’s why it offers them a wide choice of entertainments.

Tourists love Melitopol for its small size. Often, visitors from large cities have a rest in Melitopol. Annoying noise of big cities is replaced by silent streets of small town. Though night life goes on as usual here, the noise is much less then in big cities. So, air is more effective and healthier.
People like that there are practically no traffic jams in Melitopol. You can easily and quickly get from one end of town to another, not standing car queue for long time. Leaving the town, you can ride quick as the wind to nearby villages to see various legendary places, whether it can be a castle or a mound, healing springs or historical sights.

Also, Melitopol is loved for, low prices on entertainments. After wandering the shops, it is easy to choose keepsake great souvenirs to remember voyage in Melitopol. One can stay at the hotel he chooses; the variety of them is great. Tourists love Melitopol for Leisure Centre «Atrium». Everybody likes this hotel-complex, because it likes to welcome visitors. And do everything to make guests happy.